The Investor

During his business career, Michael has purchased and sold 17 different  companies in 6 different industries. Of those 17 acquisitions, 11 of which were considered corporate raids whereby each acquisition ultimately resulted in a total liquidation of the company, essentially shutting the company down and putting people out of work. Although each corporate raid transaction typically resulted in huge profits for Michael, the transactions ultimately created a bad reputation for him individually, putting more than 2,800 people out of work. In addition to purchasing and owning companies for himself, Michael has arranged financings and facilitated transactions for other companies which included debt capital raises totaling $115 million, equity capital assemblages totaling $35 million, as well as executing merger transactions totaling $78 million and corporate divestitures totaling $84 million.   During his 30 year tenure acquiring companies, Michael led the charge to execute corporate takeovers in the healthcare, transportation, distribution and manufacturing industries. To his credit, Michael   In more recent times, Michael has continued its to be involved in acquisitions with Michael acting as a  Board member to several active companies.

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