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The Philanthropists

As a result of his business successes, in 2013, the Michael Bach Foundation was created.  Michael made the decision to establish a foundation that caters to youth education and sports. The foundations' annual giving's are allocated to provide 60% to educational efforts and 40% to youth sports.  At the age of 26, Michael began coaching little league basketball and football in Atlanta, despite not having any children of his own at the time. He coached both sports in lower income communities for a combined 10 years and coached high school basketball in the private school sector for 7 years.  It was during that time of his life that he came to realize, how the slightest influence of help could change the life of an individual. Today the Michael Bach Foundation provides annual giving's to metro Atlanta area youth sports organizations.  In 2015, the foundation expanded its geographical scope of annual youth sports giving's to the entire state of Georgia.

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